February 28, 2017

Feel Elated in a Toyota Highlander in Baton Rouge

Feel Elated in a Toyota Highlander in Baton Rouge

For families and friends alike, the size of a vehicle is important because it allows you to accomplish different things. For those that have families or love to use their vehicle to explore new areas, more space is better because it allows you to either bring along more people for the fun or more equipment to do more things. In either case, selecting a quality Toyota vehicle enhances this ability due to the long life span of Toyota vehicles. Customers looking for a mid-size sedan to aid them in their adventures can opt for a Toyota Highlander in Baton Rouge. Team Toyota has great options for both the Highlander and other Toyota vehicles.

An Interior Ready to Perform

The interior of the new Highlander is built for your convenience and readily accessible. For those looking to stay plugged in, they are in luck. With 5 USB ports- 3 in the front and 2 in the back- those in the car can keep their devices charged and ready. With the idea of maximum space, the Highlander has seats for up to 8 people in the vehicle so huge groups can be transported. For buyers looking for a roomier option, available captain seats me be added in the second row for fewer but a more spacious seating style. With the platinum package, the second-row captain seats can even be heated seats. When seats are down, the Highlander opens up to a fantastic amount of space. This is aided by the 60/40 third row split so there are a few options on how to put the seats down depending on the shape and size of objects being transported. Driving along the interstate can potentially lead to a high noise level. However, in the Highlander, there are insulating materials along the doors and windows which keep out any unwanted sounds. The front windshield is also an acoustic-type glass that keeps out sounds. On trips, one of the more impressive spectacles is the beautiful blue sky or bright stars above. The panoramic moonroof is huge and allows for all three rows of passengers to have a fantastic view of the above. With kids in the back seats, the group can often times get bored. To aid families in this situation, the passengers can enjoy movies and tv shows through the 9 inch display screen that comes with RCA jacks, a remote, and 2 pairs of wireless headphones.

Great Safety Features

The Highlander was designed with some wonderful safety features that makes the drive more relaxing and easy in addition to being safe. The Lane Departure Warning with Steering Assist is especially useful while traveling on the interstate. It is fairly common for vehicles to gradually merge into neighboring lanes accidentally. However, the Highlander watches out for this and alerts the driver when they are doing so. If it becomes too severe, the vehicle will automatically be pulled into its own lane. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control makes the cruise control feature even more useful than before. Drivers can have a preset distance between a car in front of them as well as a set speed. If the car in front begins to slow down and the vehicles become to close, the vehicle will adjust the cruise control speed to keep the vehicle at that preset distance. If the vehicle in front begins to move faster, your vehicle will resume its preset speed. Furthermore, automatic high beams give the driver maximum visibility to help avoid and detect anything that could cause an issue from far away.

Your Toyota Highlander

No adventure or trip should be limited by the type of vehicle the owner has. Drivers that wish to maximize their potential and their ability to “say yes” to anything should opt for a Toyota Highlander in Baton Rouge from Team Toyota. Team Toyota is located at 1788 O’Neal Lane, Baton Rouge, LA. The sales team is open to help customers Monday through Friday from 8AM to 8PM and on Saturdays from 8:30AM to 7PM. They may be reached by phone at 855-350-5575. Pick your Toyota Highlander in Baton Rouge and start accomplishing great things!

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