March 22, 2017

Drive Confidently with Toyota Safety Sense in Baton Rouge!

Drive Confidently with Toyota Safety Sense in Baton Rouge!

When looking for a new vehicle, most people get wrapped up in  features that don’t really matter. Yes, having a lot of torque or horsepower may seem like a big deal, but unless you happen to be speed racing or doing dangerous stunts with your vehicle, you won’t be using those things at their maximum. What you will always want at its maximum, however, is safety. No matter how safe of a driver you are, accidents can happen at any time, and they usually do so at the most unexpected times. This is when you will want a vehicle that can come with a plethora of features meant to keep you as well as your passengers safe. Thankfully in this day and age of modern technology, there have been many advances that make driving safer and easier to do. Toyota has been known to be a brand that is both versatile as well as very adaptive, and with those traits, they have developed a safety system for their vehicles called Toyota Safety Sense. Designed with the common driver and passenger in mind, the Toyota Safety Sense system was meant to provide maximum protection on the road as well as in the inevitable event of a collision. So when it’s time for you to choose your next vehicle, whether it be for yourself or for your family, choose a vehicle offered from Team Toyota in Baton Rouge that is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense! Let’s get into a little more details about this intelligent safety system can keep the most important part of your vehicle- you and your passengers- safe!

Toyota Safety Sense Features

Like most technology systems, the Toyota Safety Sense system varies depending on the vehicle it is installed into. For the Toyota Safety Sense system, there are two types: the Toyota Safety Sense P (TSSP) and the Toyota Safety Sense C (TSSC). Midsize to larger vehicles would generally come with TSSP while the smaller, more compact vehicles would have TSSC. Both of these variants of the Toyota Safety Sense system provide premium protection to those inside of the vehicle as well as supply preventative measures against getting into a collision in the first place. The TSSC package is mainly a collaboration of three main features that use a camera as well as a laser to provide great performance and reliability to the vehicle it is equipped on. TSSP uses a combination of an in-vehicle camera and a millimeter-wave radar to enhance performance and functionality of the vehicle. Both packages of the Toyota Safety Sense System have a Pre-Collision System, Automatic High Beams, and Lane Departure Alerts.

Superb Seller

The only thing better than getting a vehicle that has your best interest and safety in mind is getting that vehicle from a dealer that feels the same way! At Team Toyota in Baton Rouge, we are more than encouraging when it comes to your search for your next personal or family Toyota vehicle. Our professional and friendly sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our plethora of Toyota vehicles, or the Toyota Safety Sense system that some of our models are equipped with. Once you’ve found the Toyota model of your dreams that comes with the Toyota Safety Sense system, you can make an appointment with one of our Finance Department members to find a financing plan that will match your lifestyle as well as your budget! And last but certainly not least, you can count on Team Toyota in Baton Rouge to help you out with a maintenance plan for your Toyota vehicle. Whether it’s something as simple as a brake check or something more major like repairs after an accident, our skilled auto mechanics will be able to aide you. So don’t waste your time on vehicles that are souped up with unnecessary features that you’ll be unlikely to use; call or stop by Team Toyota and check out the Toyota Safety Sense System in Baton Rouge today!

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